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UFO Today is back!! Dead Good Publishing Ltd, the creators of the leading paranormal magazine Haunted have joined forces with worldwide UFO expert, Philip Mantle and created a magazine that has been described as “a new breed of UFO magazine” mixing classic and contemporary articles from an array of writing talent.

Issue 3 sees a continuing balance of quality features AND quality design, yes you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can judge a UFO magazine by its cover, contents, features and contributors.

UFO Today has been written, designed and published for anyone who has an interest in aliens and UFOs, specifically created so that it can be enjoyed by everyone who loves reading about extra-terrestrial activity.


* The Daily Saucer

* The Allende Letters and The Case for the UFO
* 1974 UFO Crash on the Tex Mex Border
* The Alien Abduction of Rosalind Reynolds
* Close Encounters in Rendlesham Forest
* The Alien Autopsy Film Rises Once More

and lots more...
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  1. I believe in Ghosts,Spirits, Ets UFOs etc, I have seen 4 ghosts 1 was at a back view of a man in a royal blue suit and a little vixtorian girl and my late husband 2 times, and last summer in 2013 i saw a UFO very low, i could not see the pilot(s) it went in the sky very fast, but i believe they have been to our planets many centuries ago, also i believe they walk on our planet taking human shape so that we cannot recognise them, it seems silly why God made this creation of planets etc and only our earth remains occupied, i think in the future we will get a mighty powerful rocket that will reach the long distance planets.